“We offer high-end residential and commercial construction services…”

Myhren Builders provides a full range of building and high end residential and commercial construction services in the tri-state area, including high end custom additions, luxury renovations, custom homes, commercial work, lobby renovations, restaurants, corporate headquarters and condominiums.

High-End Custom Additions

Luxury Renovations



Lobby Renovations


Corporate Headquarters


Are you looking for more space or need to expand your home or build-out your commercial space?  Myhren Builders specializes in residential  and commercial construction services including high end custom additions and renovations.  A rear addition to your house will give you that beautiful master suite you’ve been wanting or create more living space.  If your home needs a second story addition, we can help you by giving you the space you need for additional bedrooms and living space. If you have a commercial property that needs a new build-out or renovation we can help!